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Session Descriptions -
The Art of Collaboration Workshop

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Session I

Collaboration 101: Preparation and Professionalism


Any performance involving more than one musician is a collaborative performance! What should all musicians do before a first rehearsal? How do you use individual practice time to prepare for collaboration? We will cover these topics and more in this session!

Session II

Lighting Talks: Playing Well With Others


Did you know that the performance choices you make should vary based on the type of instruments you're playing with? This session features five lightning talks, each focused on how to play well with a different musical family: woodwinds, brass, strings, voice, and piano.

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Session III

Rehearsing Well: Beyond the Run-Through


Should we just run through the piece again? Do I have to play the way my collaborator wants me to play? Is "being together" enough to make our individual parts combine to form a compelling musical whole? This session, featuring live rehearsal by our clinicians, covers rehearsal ideas and principles that will prepare you for performance excellence!

Session IV

Watch and learn as our experienced clinicians coach selected masterclass participants through the rehearsal process of a piece. The best way to learn a skill is to do it -- we highly recommend applying for one of our masterclass participant openings!

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