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  Events for Teachers and Students  


October 22, 2pm, White Bluff Methodist Church

One of our most popular events! Students prepare a hymn arrangement to share with family and friends.


Participation fee: free

Participation limited to students of SMTA members

Public Places Holiday Recitals

December 9, 10am, J.W. Marriott Plant Riverside

December 9, 2pm, Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

December 16, 10am, J.W. Marriott Plant Riverside

Click this link to sign up your students!

Piano students prepare a holiday arrangement to spread holiday cheer to the public at Plant Riverside and the Savannah airport!


Participation fee: free for students of SMTA members/$5 for students of non-SMTA members. Registration will open November 18 and close December 1.


Participation open to any piano student! 

GMTA Auditions

Local auditions: February 10, times TBD, St. Peter's Episcopal Church (Skidaway Island)

Regional auditions: online round

State auditions: April 12-13, Piedmont University

The GMTA auditions are open to students grades 2-12, though only grades 4 and up will be able to advance past the local audition round. Students with the highest scores at the local level advance to the regional round; students with the highest scores at the regional level advance to the state round; at the state level, students are ranked by grade within the state. At every round, students receive comments from a qualified adjudicator

Visit the GMTA website for repertoire requirements.


Participation fee: $30/student fee for the local level. Register on the GMTA website by January 15. 


Participation open to SMTA teachers' students only. 

GMTA Theory Exams

October 28 (2023) and February 10 (2024)

We provide opportunities for students to take either the GATE or the GMTA Theory exams. These exams are required in order to advance past the local stage of the GMTA auditions. See the GMTA website for more information.


Participation fee: $15. Register on the GMTA website by January 15, 2024.

Participation limited to students of SMTA members

Art of Collaboration Workshop

January 27, 1:15-5:00pm, First Presbyterian Church of Savannah

Geared toward intermediate/advanced musicians of all instruments and voice types, this full-afternoon event will explore how to make music well with others. This year's workshop will focus on how to use our bodies to collaborate well, specifically through gesture, breath, and sight. Students and professionals alike can expect to learn something!

Clinicians: Cameron Fuhrman, Yvonne Johnson, Kristen Spiridon Sanders

Visit our Art of Collaboration Workshop page for more information. 

Participation fee: 

Early Bird Pricing (all fees go up by $10 after January 13)

$25 for STMA members and their students, as well as for clinicians' students

$35 for non-SMTA members and their students

Participation open to all!

Performance Evaluation Clinic

February 10, times TBD, St. Peter's Episcopal Church (Skidaway Island)

Students perform two contrasting works and receive thorough comments from adjudicators. This event is great for students who prefer to avoid "competitive" events or those who would like additional feedback to prepare for other performances! Open to students of all ages and levels.  

Participation fee: $25 for students of SMTA members; $35 for students of non-SMTA members. 


Participation open to all. (Pianists and singers should perform both pieces from memory; all other instrumentalists may choose to perform one piece from memory and one with music.)

Click this link to register!  Registration closes at 11:59pm on January 29. 

Piano Olympics

April 20, times and venue TBD


Piano students prepare up to 10 technique and keyboard skills "events" to enter and perform for a judge. For each event, they earn ribbons (and possibly gold medals!). Available events cover an enormous variety of levels and configurations; we aim to be able to accommodate each teacher's preferred method of teaching technique to their students! If you would like to view the syllabus, email


Participation fee: TBD but under $10/student


Participation open to SMTA teachers' piano students only. 

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