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Masterclass Participation - 
The Art of Collaboration Workshop

Session IV of The Art of Collaboration workshop will feature our clinicians coaching selected masterclass participants through the rehearsal process of a piece. 

We invite all to apply to play in this masterclass session. The best way to learn a skill is to do it -- this is a wonderful opportunity to build your skill-set!

How do I apply?

  • The registration process for the workshop includes the optional application to play in the masterclass. Just go to our registration page and follow the questions as directed.


How can I increase the odds of being selected to play in the masterclass?

  • The best way to increase your chances is to coordinate with friends! If you know others who are also planning to attend The Art of Collaboration workshop, arrange to be each other's collaborative partners for the masterclass, forming your own duo, trio, or quartet. You can indicate the names of these partners on the masterclass application. 

  • Apply early! We will give priority to those who submit their application by March 9.

  • The masterclass application asks you to list any collaborative repertoire you will be ready to play in the masterclass; this repertoire could include works for solo instrument/voice with piano, duos, trios, quartets, or even quintets. The more repertoire you can list, the greater your odds of being selected to play. If you are willing to learn a new work for the masterclass, please mention that on your application, as well!  


Is there a cost to play in the masterclass?

  • Attendees who are selected to play in the masterclass will receive an additional invoice for a $10 fee, due at or before the workshop. This is to help offset the cost of the instruction you will receive from our clinicians. Every collaborative group will receive at least 30 minutes of masterclass instruction; $10 for a half hour (or more) of personalized, expert advice is a fantastic deal!


Do I have to rehearse with my collaborative partners before the masterclass?

  • No, you do not need to have a rehearsal with others in your group before the masterclass. All we ask is that you arrive being able to play your own part fluently!


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